“This path to primordial religious experience is the right one, but how many can recognize it? It is like a still small voice, and it sounds from afar. It is ambiguous, questionable, dark, presaging danger and hazardous adventure; a razor-edged path, to be trodden for God’s sake only, without assurance and without sanction.”—C. G. Jung



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Education for Transformation






“Biological birth is the most profound trauma of our life and an event of paramount psychospiritual importance. It is recorded in our memory in minuscule details down to the cellular level and it has a profound effect on our psychological development.”—Stanislav Grof



Transpersonal Psychology and Archetypal Studies



Foundational Modules


Working with expert practitioners and teachers in a supportive community of like-minded individuals, our foundational modules enable you to explore and experience fundamental approaches to psychological transformation and archetypes, combining theory and the powerful experiential practice of Holotropic Breathwork. Attendees of the residential intensives will become familiar with a range of perspectives providing insight into the core transformative process of psychological death-rebirth, numinous experiences, and non-ordinary states of consciousness.



The two foundational residential intensives, usually offered every two years, cover the fundamentals of transpersonal and archetypal approaches to psychological transformation, based on the psychology of Stanislav Grof and C. G. Jung.


1. Encounters with the Numinous: An Introduction to Jungian Psychology and Contemporary Spirituality


2. The Journey towards Wholeness: An Introduction to the Psychology of Stanislav Grof



Specialized Modules


These specialized modules together comprise a comprehensive course of study in multiple perspectives and methods pertaining to transpersonal experiences, psychological transformation, rebirth, and growth, addressing specialized topics. Participants will study different transpersonal perspectives during each residential, and deepen into the experiential practice of Holotropic Breathwork and other methods of self-exploration, integrating their insights and experiences to facilitate deep and lasting psychological change.


Proposed modules include:



 3. Psychiatry and Spirituality: Transpersonal, Archetypal, and Bio-psycho-social Perspectives on Crisis and Numinous Experience


4. Celtic Shamanism


5. Synchronicity and the Symbolic Life


6. Kundalini Yoga and the Chakras


7. Ecopsychology and the Spirituality of Nature


8. Psychedelic Therapy


9. The Hero’s Journey


10. Meditation and Mindfulness




Students in this program will become familiar with a range of perspectives providing insight into the core transformative process of psychological death-rebirth. and the archetypal basis of numinous or transpersonal experiences. In lectures and group discussions, they will hear accounts of the range of transpersonal states of consciousness we might encounter to enable them to better frame and understand their own experiences. Students will also gain firsthand experience of Holotropic Breathwork, as the foundation for their own inner self-exploration practice, alongside other experiential activities, such as meditation and active imagination. By the end of the course, students will be in a better position to navigate processes of psychological transformation in their own lives and/or to draw on what they have learned to help others.



This course is intended for:


(a) individuals wishing to gain a better understanding of psychological transformation for themselves, to inform and support their own psychological development and life journeys.


(b) people wishing to gain an initial experience of Holotropic Breathwork within a supportive community of fellow explorers and in rigorous intellectual environment.


(c) experienced breathwork practitioners wanting to develop a greater theoretical understanding of transformation and transpersonal experience.


(d) therapists and others in the healing professions or in education wishing to gain an understanding of Grofian and Jungian approaches to psychological growth and transformation to augment their established practices and perspectives.



Residential Modules

Modules are offered throughout the year, with each regular module running from Thursday evening through Sunday lunch (approximately 20 hours class time in total). One or more longer modules, running for five days, will typically be offered each year.


Each residential will comprise lectures and presentations on psychological theory and the experiential practice of Holotropic Breathwork in the afternoon sessions of Friday and Saturday. The daily schedule for standard modules (one unit) will be approximately as follows:


Thursday 7pm – 9pm: Welcome and introduction.


Friday/Saturday 9am – 5:00pm:  Lecture (9am – 12pm), breathwork and integration (1pm – 5pm)


Sunday 9am – 1pm Lecture, group discussion, and closing circle.


Each module comes with a syllabus of assigned texts in preparation for the module and for suggested further reading.


Each module is comprised of the following components:


       lectures on psychological theory


       personal examples and case histories of transpersonal

               experiences and transformative crises


       one session of holotropic breathwork or other experiential activity on either Friday

        or Saturday (working in pairs)


       integration and reflection


       group discussion and closing circle


       relaxation and social time on the tranquil estate of

        Felden Lodge, Hemel Hempstead (UK).


For details on forthcoming residential modules, see here.



The residential modules will be led by two or more of the core faculty, augmented by specialist adjunct faculty and guest speakers, as needed. Holotropic Breathwork sessions will be guided and supported by experienced, fully trained and accredited Holotropic Breathwork facilitators on the ITAS core faculty.



Initially, all modules in this program will initially take place in the UK, at Felden Lodge, near Hemel Hempstead, north of London. In 2018, modules will also be offered at one or more locations in the U.S.


Felden Lodge


Felden offers comfortable, affordable accommodations in a tranquil setting, with excellent transport links to London by road and rail, and close proximity to London airports.


Entry Requirements

Applicants must have a sincere commitment to psychological exploration and transformation. There are no formal educational requirements for admission, but applicants should be prepare to engage with complex ideas and be willing to do recommended readings in advance of the residential sessions



Fee schedules vary according to the length, location, and content of the modules. See module details and registration details here.


Early bird discounts are offered for each module.


Course of Study and Graduation Requirements

Students may select individual modules according to their needs and interests. For those students taking multiple modules, certificate and diplomas are available, based on the following criteria.


To receive the certificate, students must complete four modules (approximately 20–25 hours each).


To receive the diploma, students must complete twelve modules. Students who have already completed the certificate will therefore have to take a further eight modules (equivalent to approximately 160 hours) to complete the diploma.


We plan to offer both programs—Transpersonal Psychology and Archetypal Studies, and Archetypal Astrology and Archetypal Cosmology—in locations close to both London and New York by 2018-19. Students are free to take classes in either location and in either program.


To qualify for the Certificate in Transpersonal Psychology, students must take three out of four modules from the Transpersonal Psychology and Archetypal Studies course offerings.


To qualify for the Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology, students must take eight out of twelve modules from the Transpersonal Psychology and Archetypal Studies course offerings. Thus, students may take up to four modules in the Archetypal Astrology and Archetypal Cosmology program.


The programs of study can be completed over any timescale to suit student needs. For example, the four modules for the certificate can be completed in one year or spread out over two or three years, according to the student’s own schedule.



Register for modules here.










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